Grammy Nomination…..Oh My!

Oh Happy Day!!!! There are no words that can properly express how thrilled we are to have found ourselves as Grammy Nominees for the 2011 Best Recording Package late last night for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards! The amount of ‘happy’ that is floating around this studio is immeasurable. Though, I think that if Sarah keeps on screaming, we’re sure to also be finding ourselves with a noise complaint! ha.

A big (huge) THANK YOU to Reckless Kelly for choosing to collaborate on another album with us and for allowing us to go a little crazy on it….and for being crazy right along with us. It was such a great project to have been a part of – any time we get to work with these guys is an honor, in and of itself! If any of you haven’t gotten your copy of the CD yet – get after it! The packaging is only the wrapping paper for a fabulous album.

And, not to get all super sappy, but a big ol’ thank you to our doting parents, Chuck and Donna Dodds for supplying us with that bucket-o-crayons and an endless supply of artsy-fartsy craft gear … and for instilling in us the belief that we can do anything we set our minds to …We love you!!

We’re up against some pretty heavy hitters in our category – all of whom are more than worthy of the honor. We’re both humbled and thrilled to be counted among them. Check out the full list of nominees at by clicking here.

I suppose this is a good kick in the butt to get us started on completing this website, or at least get a good start on it! We’ll be back with more displays of the packaging design, and updates on the other goings-on for Backstage Design Studio!

In the meantime, hop over to, and get your copy….NOW!!!!

Cheers! Shauna & Sarah

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7 Responses to “Grammy Nomination…..Oh My!”

  1. Richard Ivy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you two! What a thrill! I remember when you did ‘art work’ instead of your school work! Looks like it is paying off!!! Good luck!

  2. Kristine says:

    Congratulations. Well-deserved. Your artwork and packaging for both of RK’s latest releases were excellent; GL&TL was simply a masterpiece. They’re a great bunch of guys so it does not surprise me they found a great bunch of artists to package their work. Best wishes to you in the awards; if there’s any justice in the world, you’ll walk away w/the trophy. : )

  3. Chuck & Donna says:

    What a wonderful feeling to have such talent and dedication we have in out four girls. We are so proud of you. We are not surprised (maybe a little biased). We think you have taken the “Selling Bugs” dream to a much higher level! And too, “there is life after basketball”. Go for the brass ring! We are supportive in everything you do! Much love and even more, more, & more

  4. Rochele says:

    I just ran across this posting about the Grammy Nomination! Congratulations!!!! I already knew when I bought “Good Luck & True Love” that it was gonna ROCK! Reckless Kelly is one of my favorite bands!!! But, as I was listening to the CD – I kept admiring the packaging! I remember having a whole conversation with a friend of mine about the packaging!!! I love the spinner & the slide movie! It is really awesome! If all CD packaging was so cool then more people may buy more CDs vs. downloading so much. Great job on the whole thing!! It’s very clever & artsy – & Reckless Kelly made a great choice with y’all! They are so very talented & have a great eye for stuff like this so, it’s no wonder ya’ll hooked up!! The whole packaging is like an extra gift to buying their great music! Congratulations to your great company & thank you to Reckless Kelly for always raising the bar & putting out great music!!!

  5. brenda straton hinds says:

    what a blessing!! You girls are some artist i remember sitting in math class with u shauna and u sitting there drawing instead of work but we always said u where good at what u did no matter what it was!!! good luck

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