Reckless Kelly “Good Luck & True Love” Record Packaging

Reckless Kelly has long been one of our favorites…as friends, as colleagues….and of course, as fans. Their debut studio album, “Millican” was our introduction to the whole Texas Music Scene, in general. And, with Sarah going to university at SWT in San Marcos at the time, and me in Kerrville at Schreiner, we met in the middle for many many many a Gruene Hall shows – singing, shouting, dancing….you know, a everything a Reckless Show is. They’re some of our favorite memories….they and their music holds a special place in our hearts, as it should for any true Americana music fan, be they Texan, Idahoan, Californian or, hell, New York-an (yeah, New Yorker just didn’t have the same flow….sorry)!

So, regardless of the fact that we’ve considered these guys friends for years, when they approached us to work on the “Somewhere In Time” album a couple years ago, we were over the moon with excitement, and to our delight, felt at home with the collaboration. Sometimes the designer-musician visions just meld in a way that allows for the creative process to truly flow into a packaging design that both parties can truly be proud of. And we were….very proud of that design, and still are.

When they called several months ago to work on “Good Luck & True Love”, we were, again, completely thrilled, and as before, went a little crazy with the creative train of thought. After the brainstorming session with Willy, Sarah came back with a plan that sounded great, but in the real world seemed completely unattainable in print form.  Pulling from the lyrics of the title track:

She was helpless like a fairy tale tied to the tracks
Trying to comment, there was no time to react
Broke her flyin’, I was quick and skilled with the blade
Train whistle blowing as I pulled her away

…the thought was to run with the vintage silent movie damsel-in-distress, train barreling down the tracks, evil villain snickering… get the gist. And, then to combine that with a tie-in to the “Good Luck” motif of the fortune wheel and side-show graphic style…..Again, sounds great, but is there a way to pull that off? We hammered it out until we’d found a way to make it happen. A big big BIG shout out to Crystal Clear for working with us to help find solutions and work through all the million different ways to create that hand spinner. Especially to Jim Cocke, who’s dedication to making this do-able was/is the ONLY reason this was even remotely possible. Thank YOU!!!

For those of you silly silly people who don’t own your own copy, yet: 1st: Shame on you! 2nd: Here’s what you’re missing……

Within the cardboard wallet design, the insert acts as a film strip to show the silent movie when pulled through the custom dye-cut sleeve (tube).

Does our hero save the damsel in distress? Well, get out there and get your copy to find out!!!!

Oh yes….the infamous fortune wheel and hand spinner!

Not only can you spin the hand-pointer over the CD to have life’s toughest questions answered, but you can ask Yes/No answers and spin it over the tray to get even more answers!

For those of you that DO have the copy at home….have you found the hidden message? What about the hidden snake? No? I suppose you might need to dig that copy out and find it, eh?

Check back soon for more information, images and fun stuff from Reckless Kelly’s “Good Luck & True Love” – 2011 Grammy Nominee for Best Recording Package