Lone Star Music Awards – VOTE NOW!!

We’re rather proud to tattle that we have two pieces in the running for the 2012 Lone Star Music Award for Best Album Art: Reckless Kelly‘s “Good Luck & True Love,” and Ethan Messick’s “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.” Sarah and I are positively tickled pink to be considered for this award….especially for two designs!

We’re up against some pretty stiff competition, though. Also in the running are these admirable works (L to R): Mike McClure Band – “50 Billion,” Damn Quails – “Down The Hatch,” Hayes Carll – “KMAG YOYO,” Jason Boland & The Stragglers – “Rancho Alto,” and Whiskey Myers – “Firewater”

Though the Reckless album has gotten a lot of exposure on our site (especially recently), we don’t have as much up about about Ethan’s CD…Not intentionally, of course – we just never got around to posting about the projects that directly preceded our site going up this past year (or much of anything else that happened before November 30th). But, we’re going to remedy this, NOW! See below, or click here to read the post about our buddy, Ethan’s, record packaging design.

Now, I know that we’ve been asking a lot of all of you lately, but if you could do us one last favor (well, ‘last’ for the foreseeable future): Get thee to LoneStarMusic.com, login, sign up, check out all the contestants’ work, listen to the music, buy a CD (or 5), do what you gotta do and CAST YOUR VOTE!!! Voting closes on the 29th, so don’t dilly-dally!