Gold Boots Glitter

While Back Wednesday: Wheeler Brothers / Gold Boots Glitter

A while back, around the beginning of the year, we had the pleasure of working with the Wheeler Brothers¬†on their new record, Gold Boots Glitter. The guys had what everyone thought were two separate and…Read More


While Back Wednesday: Granger Smith / Earl Dibbles Jr Tour Poster

So, a while back, Granger’s people came to us to design a poster for him and his buddy, Earl Dibbles Jr. I can’t lie – the resemblance is uncanny. For show dates and more info,…Read More

Britt Lloyd Band, Unlabeled, Record Packaging, Design, Graphic Design, Texas, Austin, TX, Backstage Designs, Shauna Dodds, Sarah Dodds, Illustration, Collage, Vintage, CD Cover, Cover Art, Album Art, Jewel Case, Produced by Adam Odor

Throwback Thursday: The Britt Lloyd Band / Unlabeled

It’s so much fun pulling these old packaging designs out of the archives to shine a little light on them. This classic Backstage Design Studio gem was for The Britt Lloyd Band‘s 2006 debut record,…Read More

Cody Gill Band - Boxcars / Debut Record, CD Packaging, Record Packaging, Stephenville, Texas, Backstage Designs, Shauna Dodds, Sarah Dodds, Vintage Book Cover, Paper,

Throwback Thursday: Cody Gill Band / Boxcars

Cody Gill Band’s debut record, Boxcars, was one of our first packaging designs, and remains one of our favorites. The ornamental design on the front cover was pulled from a vintage book cover, with the…Read More

Front Porch Texas - Devil In You EP - Record Packaging, CD Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Pin Up, Wood Block Print, Vintage, EP, CD Sleeve, Shauna Dodds, James King, Matt Deaton, Chuck Johnson, Alan Weathers, Jeremy Barnes

Throwback Thursday: Front Porch Texas / Devil In You EP

It feels like a lifetime ago that we put this little lady together for Front Porch Texas (comprised of Matt Deaton, James King, Chuck Johnson and Jeremy Barnes ie: the best little Texas Country band…Read More

Randy Rogers Band - Roller Coaster - Record Packaging Design / CD / Cover Art / Backstage Design Studio / Sarah Dodds / Art Direction / Graphic Design / Acrylic Paint / Austin, Texas

Throwback Thursday: Randy Rogers Band / Rollercoaster

Waaaaay back in 2004, one of the very first projects that Backstage Design Studio worked on was the record packaging for Randy Rogers Band’s 2nd album, Roller Coaster. For this Throwback Thursday, we’re digging it…Read More