Piano Meets Keyboard: An Old Piano Transformed Into a Desk ApartmentTherapy.com

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We’re constantly amazed at the insanely crazy creative ways people re-make their old, well-loved possessions (or lucky flea market finds) into completely new pieces. Do-overs like this one proves just as art lives on forever, so can the instruments used to create it. A piano on it’s way to the dump found new life in the offices of a music industry design house.

Spotted on Reddit’s Design Porn subreddit, this desk belongs to Sarah Dodds ofBackstage Design Studio, an Austin, TX, design agency focused on art and creative for musicians and musical releases. Sarah Answered a few questions about the desk through a commenter on Reddit.

Before you ask: No, it’s no longer functional as a piano. But this gorgeous one-of-a-kind desk does make for a really sweet workspace. The piano’s orginal keys were set as flush as possible to form a new work surface for the computer keyboard. Pull-out drawing boards on each side offer up a-la-carte work space as needed.

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