The Cover Cove: The 2014 Grammy Nominees – Best Recording Package

One of the consistently overlooked categories at the Grammy Awards is Best Recording Packaging. This category is gives recognition to the art directors, photographers and artists who create the memorable or creative packaging for non-classical music releases. Since Best Recording Packaging fits the theme of this blog, I figured that it would be fun to take a close look at the nominees. The nominated albums are by Jay-Z, Metallica, Geneseo,  Reckless Kelly, and David Bowie.

2. Reckless Kelly – Long Night Moon
Sarah Dodds & Shauna Dodds, art directors

Long Night Moon is a fantastic example of celestial Victorian art. The packaging unfolds to a complete night and day theme. Some of the astral artwork glows in the dark, and there are also secret codes and messages.  Sisters Shauna and Sarah Dodds really outdid themselves.

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